Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How our day of learning in freedom and joy can look.

We made a loose outline for the time. Knowing that we needed to create space to allow the session to unfold.

Our flexible plan for the session

We started with Circle time which was immediately interrupted by a spirited 3 year old who wanted to hold the floor. Once this dissipated we had a quiet time with each person speaking using a talking stick.

Talking stick for each of us to be heard.

Most children are happy to talk, open to discussion and sharing their thoughts. We all know each other quite well, which has created a level of trust, so even a breathing exercise was understood and practiced. We had a star jar to use for recognising how our mind can sometimes seem frazzled, by giving it time and consciously breathing the stars settle as our mind can, if we allow.

Watch the stars settle, breathing to allow the mind to settle

Over the course of the time we discussed how agreements can look and noted some that were important for us all to create harmony. We pinned up our mind maps on the wall, created a group mind map and worked on all the topics that have been coming up for us that we could create experiences around.

Kite making and flying was a couple of hours of fun, with a few sticks of bamboo gathered from near by, a plastic bag, tape string and scissors the three older girls were running up and down the yard flying :)

Making pizza together and then sharing was an opportunity for much discussion around food, toppings, gooey messes (Rayce) and yummy smells.

It was truely an inspirational experience, the freedom with which learning flowed for everyone, connections made, questions asked, creation and sharing was beautiful.

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