Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We love trampoline creative games!

It was decided, after talking with our Learning Consultants on line that we needed to have more physical time for those that needed that kind of activity.

This is how we started our day, trampoline! So fun and very energising :)

Trampoline Games become a quite the experience.

Over the course of the day we called "tramp" a few times and there was at one point everyone joining in. The creativity and imagination for games was really 'exercised' here. We will make a list of all our new made up tramp games to pull out at another time.
* Eggs to Birds - starting as eggs, 'being cracked' by one jumper and flying away as a local bird, local bird knowledge was voiced.
* Pogo sticks - jumping high as if on a pogo stick
* name a few

Our circle was a little disjointed today, with the few children that were present we discussed the different parts of the brain and how it works.

Pasta making was a big hit, each child was able to roll the pasta through the machine and enjoyed with some delicious sauce.

Trains were also a on the agenda with elaborate train games going on, the track set up and trains given out with lots of chatter of how the story was unfolding with each of them :)

Creative communication during train play.

The day was very windy so the plan for beginning our paper mache solar system had to be delayed and the rest of the afternoon we made playdough for the inside big table. Everyone again wanted to join and it was interesting to see how each child chose to create, some being inspired by others, some creating in their own world. More pics to come

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