Saturday, January 25, 2014

Imagination, Lego and more

I may add photos for this post......

Location was changed to Penny's house due to energy levels and convenience for making the soup and bread.

The 9 children all came along and we started with three on imaginary ancient horses game, three using the cardboard huts and three helping in the kitchen.

Between sandpit, trampoline, Lego and piano, as well as the 2 iPads being used mostly with "Leo's Pad" and "Mister Maker" apps plenty of inspiring each other with activity and fun. Plenty of interesting conversation going on and plenty of activity......all self directed and self motivated of course :)

Then we rearranged the room to make space for rolling our bread rolls. Quick example of how it could look to roll dough into a snake shape then curl into a knot shape to form the bun, then each was left to create in their own way. Someone had the idea to make a small letter from dough to put on top so we didn't forget who's was who's. Sunae made flat rolls some had long tails and some were high mountains, all individual.

Us adults discussed being so grateful for the beautiful food to eat when some expressed their dislike of the end with all the "yummy this is soooo good" any that had their reservations tucked in as we sat around the table together.

This was our chance to have a group meeting and talk about other foods we enjoy and would like to share together. A few choices were picked we still could work more on a meal plan, I am wondering if having the children draw what they like to eat might help to determine preferences?

After we had a game of Wild craft going and colouring mandala's along with making 3d geometric shapes for the decorative touch we will add to Our learning space when it is finished.

I sat with Grace, Zoe and Kalea towards the end of the session as they were interested in writing stories. We made A4 paper into booklets to write and Zoe came up with a wonderful tale about three Mermaids. She proudly shared this with Felix's Mum upon her arrival!

Another successful experience learning, creating and most importantly sharing fun space together :)

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