Monday, January 27, 2014

Garden walks, food creation, outdoor games

Our next day was the Thursday, we have decided this would be more appropriate day, along with the Wednesday, given there are lots of other goings on for Home Learners on the Friday, in the form of North Taranaki Home Educators organised activity and play days.

On this day we had a intention to have circle time, create a Quiche together to eat and make paper mâché spheres in the hopes we could create a hanging solar system since the children had expressed interest in this idea. It turned out we ran out of time for the paper mache to it will keep until next gathering :)

Firstly we had a walk around the garden discussing the idea of creating our own wee patch of garden with plants that were individually chosen. We went around to the carrot patch where Leigh had planted multicoloured carrots and we all had the chance to try these, yum!


Our circle time was an opportunity to ask everyone what they wanted to do at some point this day. Given we had two children who had not previously joined us this was also an opportunity to see what activities they would enjoy doing with us. Drawing, trampoline games, outdoor running games, making food, trains.......came up as possibilities and all of these were achieved during the course of the day so I would say it was a successful one.

For the two children who were new to join we created mind maps and put them on the wall to continue our mission of finding common ground for activities.

We started with trampoline games and Kabish Kaboo a game learnt at 'Nature Tracks' which brought in different native animals and what they eat, all the children LOVE this game from age 2-10 and we played for over half and hour, running the length of the yard, really fun!

After was the opportunity to come together for a circle and sharing time, it seems we are starting to enjoy the opportunity to share and some are still a little reluctant.....this will evolve.

Making quiche involved a few different items so most children joined in with some part of this process and we ALL very much enjoyed eating together at the big indoor table.

After some of us created some 3d shapes using coloured card, some knitting and for the younger ones playdough creations.

Clean up and all went home happy :)

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