Thursday, January 30, 2014

Self Designing Together

I will add photos, I notice that I need to write about the day on the day so as not to forget all the beautiful learning experiences that we had as a group.

We had three dedicated SelfDesigning families all from within walking distance, with us today, so that brought with it the depth of understanding of what we all want to create for these experiences.

We understand learning as a process, we understand learning happens everywhere and anywhere and that it is about fun, connection, relationships and for us sharing this experience together :)

And....this is what we did:

Made some 3d geometric shapes which involved adults and children, created some yummy quiche and salad together along with cake, custard, coffee and mint tea, jumped on the trampoline playing made up games, swinging tricks on the swing, checking the chicken coop for eggs (collected 7 ), sandpit with cars, spades and buckets, Barbie doll imaginary play, dominoes, long staged movies of happenings with the camera, discussions on SelfDesigning our experience, discussion around a meditation circle attended the night before, sitting circle with children to show them a new breathing technique, questions around favorite foods, questions around everyone's choice of activity, dry felting lesson that turned into wanting to chop up the sponge, music on a music mat, imaginary car games, iPods with music and headphones, iPads with "Leo's Pad" and "Fruit Ninja", cool luring mandalas and eventually it was time to say goodbye.

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  1. Wow! You all had a really busy time together. Oh, yes, I agree it is important to jot our impressions, observations down quickly and then we can reflect on them later. I loved hearing about all of the activities. I'm curious to hear what the learners said and how they felt about their experiences ......thanks so much for sharing :-)