Friday, January 17, 2014

The Beginning

We as home learners who are Self Designing at the base of Mount Taranaki in New Zealand, decided we would consciously come together to collaborate with the learning experiences for/with our children. The ages range from 2-7 years and we have 9 children involved.

It will be on a Wednesday and Friday of each week 9:30 until 2pm-ish in the home of one of the families which is a large open space with large yard containing a trampoline, sand pit, vege garden and paddock next door with cows and chickens. There is even a view of the sea from the yard so a beautiful location for us to start.

We have already cruised through the first week, 15th and 17th of January 2014, and YES it is everything and more than we imagined. The children are REALLY excited about being together, two Mums involved (on the ground) are REALLY excited to be doing this and now it is down to us adults using our SelfDesign tools to foster and facilitate the fun in the direction of the tangible projects the children come up with......of which there are so many to choose :)

The Kite Flies!

Fishing, Creating Yummy Food together, Kite making and flying, Solar System understanding, Writing stories, Trains, Creating trampoline games together, Collecting chicken eggs (chickens lay freely so it is a little like a treasure hunt), Lego, Shops. The possibilities when allowing a child-led approach is truly inspiring to be a part of.

Sharing pizza and stories.

For lunch we all help to make a shared feast and have a space to sit together for eating.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you for how it can look to learn together without the constraints of a prescribed system. Creating, imagining, sharing, laughing, empathising, acknowledging, accepting, playing, encouraging, inspiring.........

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