Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lou is having a baby!

Lou is having a baby!

She kindly asked us and our children to share a little of her journey by spending the morning with her and doing some belly painting :)

We did a walk across the river to find the gorse flowers which are small and fluffy and perfect for the end of the paint brush. When these were stuck into the end of a short piece of bamboo they worked well. The children used pounders and large rocks to crush carious different coloured rock mixed with water made the paste to paint.

One family brought along some paint made from beetroot and garden greens which also looked pretty.

This experience was on so many levels VERY special. Lou sharing this time with us, the opportunity to talk about the children when they were in our tummies, discussion about what baby is doing right now in Lou's tummy.......

There was so much time and care taken

Sunae putting on the finishing touches

Matt always creates a physical challenge for the children also :)

We all had a wonderful time out in nature with special people, certainly a very memorable experience x

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