Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trampoline Games, Solar System and much more....

Back to 2 adults 6 kids plus a few extras here and there :)

Upon our arrival we were greeted at the entrance by two young shop keepers who had laid out their wares complete with price tags. Kalea wanted to be funny for the photo :)

We started with laying out all the snacks on snack table and took this opportunity when all kids were sitting gathered to bring out our talking stick and listen to what each child would like to do as a group today.

Concensus around trampoline games, solar system  creation and learning about certain breads of horse and horse care which is currently Kalea's passion and is certainly a catching one. Kalea is booked in do a riding lesson next week and seeing the excitement when talking about it simply lights up her face.

Leigh (adult) commented in the confidence in sharing by all today, it went so smoothly and all were heard and acknowledged. This is a big leap from day 1 and in initial gatherings where some of the group found it terrifying or plain boring to share with the group!

Trampoline games are becoming more complex and the list increases, everyone jumps together along with one adult, the cooperation and team work displayed is very satisfying for all.

After I asked Zoe if she would like to paint her sun in prep to create the solar system, we had some more sun painting going on and began constructing the solar system.

Imaginary play involving Ancient horses and cars was then on the go with the younger ones.

Suzanne brought out her muffins to share and we again ate and shared some stories along with food prep for lunch, Luke grated the zucchini and carrot ready for our "chicken velouté with leek and potato soup! Yes we thought we would go out on a limb and see if children would be willing to experience a more vege based meal.

Experience that was for sure with Luke creating a sensory mess which started to get too big for either us Mums to contemplate cleaning, when he was asked to stop he wouldn't and this resulted in Zoe suggesting he be removed, as well as in no uncertain terms the possibility of ice cream being no longer available to him.

This is a threat/punishment/ultimatum (many different names), these are not connecting they are separating, these are something we are working towards removing from our existence......

We discussed how this looked for us all, we sat as a circle and discussed it with the children, they of course had fantastic suggestions and we agreed we would all share ice cream and know that removing a child when things were not working and said child refused to stop was the end of the experience, "punishment" was not needed and unnecessary :) :)

It felt good to find this positive place for all involved, we finished the day with a circle time to tell each other what we are grateful for and our favourite part of the day. Lovely to hear ALL the children share in this way and we finished the day off with a group trampoline jump hooray :)

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