Thursday, February 6, 2014

Imagine Holding Hands

One adult plus 6 children was the order of this day.

Greetings and circle time to establish individual wants as a group experience. A few requests for trampoline games, some for running game, my need as an adult to have food prepared and we were able to get busy.

Trampoline games crack the egg, pogo stick taking turns with me double jumping so they flew high!

Kabish Kaboo running game involving native animals and the way they feed.

Morning tea of pancakes, jam and butter, fruit

Zoe threaded the 3d shapes that had been and onto fishing line to hang in the main learning room, she proudly showed this to her Dad later.

Story time "Imagine Holding Hands" Bobbie S. Richardson

"Green Eggs and Ham" Dr Seuss

Making pizza dough turned into a disaster (recognised a possibility for changing languaging when I heard one of the girls telling Mum just this :))

Pizza dough wasn't quite working so we had home made ice cream instead whilst waiting for next batch of dough to rise ready for the making.

Created pizza together popped in oven and ate around table together chatting about our given names as well as those of family members.

Upon clean up, we made an agreement that after there was help with dishes we would get out the ipad. Each child took turns doing the dishes.....ipad was forgotten and they launched into imaginary play.

Zoe wanted to see her Dad and ride her bike to his place of work. This was possible so she left on her bike to ride the five minutes down the road crossing two roads......I believe this was her first time for this adventure and challenge.

Luke got out mop to use I suggested he clean outside of windows which he spent a lot of time on with Rayce watching and chatting from inside, girls played imaginary games until Kalea's mermaids tail fell off and she went to her room very upset.

Grace started playing imaginary games with two younger boys, Sunae and I went to comfort Kalea which turned into re-organising her room. Sunae LOVES Kalea and enjoyed this time with her without other children around. Kalea put away all her clothes and I attempted to organise some of her toys so the floor could be seen then they played with horses.

Children's father arrived home so we chatted whilst children snacked then it was home time for Sunae, Grace and I.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your exciting learning time together. I really enjoyed hearing how the rhythm of the day evolved from the the natural enthusiasms, frustrations and agreements of you all. It really illustrates how we're learning through all of our experiences..even our frustrations. It is amazing how important modeling is--our young ones do model us in all of our moments :-)

    Wow! A big adventure in independence and responsibility for Zoe! Lots of deep breaths for moms!

    Love being able to share in your learning adventures!!