Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Taranaki Natural Environment at its BEST

Walking, Playing, Being in nature is important to us. It is healing, it is energising, the learning opportunities when being in a calmer quieter place flow. The chance to really tune into the senses, listening, feeling, seeing, smelling.......

We live next to Mount Taranaki and the beautiful National Park, we live next to the ocean.

Here a just a few pictures of places near by (within 10 minutes drive) we can and do visit.

Lucy's Gully has enormous redwood trees and numerous places to hide

Stony River

Dawson Falls which is 45 minute drive, well worth the trip!

Ahu Ahu Beach great place for the rock pools :)

Just to name a few of the magical locations we head for........so many more will make another post about it :) x


  1. Your opportunities to learn in nature are amazing. I love seeing how comfortable the children are in nature and the joy on their faces....wish I could be there with you all :-)

  2. We are so lucky to have these opportunities and am grateful to have you with us in spirit and fortnightly at our meetings Monica :)