Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A New Family to Join Us

We love having new energy join our group. This family lived close by though the older two boys stayed home as they have there own study they had chosen to undertake. So we had Mum and 4 yo, another girl to join the troupe :)

We started with a circle to share one thing we would like to enjoy together. I love how nearly everyone is able to immediately say what it is they would like to do together. And those that didn't can say after when they are ready and feeling comfortable.

Trampoline games were again the most popular choice and given we have quite a repertoire to choose from it is really fun to see how the activity pans out and which games are becoming most popular.

Something our family has been experimenting with is hair wraps, all the girls loved the idea of having their hair wrapped in embroidery cotton choosing interesting colour combinations and beads. So it turned out there were two Mums on this task with older girls giving it a try on a each other.

Imaginary games came high on the agenda with the collection of Ancient Horses growing so the horse knowledge of different species is also growing and this involved the girls all five of them at one point though at a different time all the children together played with the train track and trains.

Our new friends headed home to the rest of the family whilst the rest of us created home made pizza bases with chosen toppings going on each child creating their own. Pizzas were enjoyed then after a discussion on the solar system which is newly hung in our main learning room we all were off home.

Fun, laughter learning together :)

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