Friday, March 14, 2014

Blackberry Picking

It is a Wednesday our scheduled day to meet after a few weeks of having other commitments it was lovely to be together again and play, share, talk and generally enjoy each others company.

I love our flexibility with other commitments such as family and travel then be able to pick up where we left off as far as learning together as a group of two families at present (6 children) .....a few more families in the future is our vision.

The children played imaginary games, ancient horses, trampolined, ran in the garden, trucks and lego. Then we decided it would be a good day for Berry Picking a few minutes down the road where the wild bushes grow.

Plenty there for the picking

We half filled our three buckets. This activity has learning on so many levels. Picking from a locally grown source, being in a wild growing spot, which demonstrated the abundance we have if we are willing to look. Gathering food for ourselves, rather than having to rely on supermarkets, shops and multiple handling and travelling of food.

We then brought home the pickings and made berry jam, some of which we shared with Leigh's family in exchange for tomato relish and zucchini pickle.

As well as this we have this amazing location to pick in with stunning scenery all around

Mount Taranaki in the background

The mountain is always inspiring to look at x


  1. I love hearing about your learning adventures! What a super experiential learning be able to pick the fruit, eat along the way and then create jam. As you said, lots of learning on many levels. Wish I could be there with you :-) We have lots of blueberry patches near my house and we pick them in August where I live. I'm marking it on my calendar to be sure to do it this year .....