Friday, March 14, 2014

New Zealand Unschooling Retreat 2014

What is a retreat?

To me it is about getting away from the world and daily routines, being amongst like minded people and feeling this form of love, support and connection.

Having space to go inside and feel the feelings, shift limitations and "let go" of that which does not serve us.

An Unschooling Retreat is where the whole family attends, everyone works together to create food, create activities, share talents......truly wonderful community spirit, something of which I believe many of us yearn for.

Before all the families arrived central area.

This was the third New Zealand Unschooling Retreat held here in Foxton Beach, the first I had attended.

I observed children of all ages mixing and playing from teenagers to toddlers.

I observed people from all walks of life greet and chat as if they had known each other for years.

I felt this safe space for sharing, giving, receiving and especially BEING oneself free from any expectation.

There were bunk rooms and plenty of space for camping.

There was a dress up parade, evening concert where anyone who felt inspired could share their talent. There was a market stall day to sell some things that people had been spending their time on. There was many people that brought along equipment and materials to use to show others what inspired them such as juggling, lino printing, felting, games.

Grace (nearly 6) said her favourite part was when everyone adults, children and everyone in between joined in for a "tug of war" there was children vs adults, boys vs girls, children vs was very funny to watch and some of the younger kids simply would not let go of the rope at the end they wanted the fun to continue :)

There were some amazing connections made one on one as well as during the women's and men's circles. I am deeply grateful to those wonderful people who organised this event, thank you so much and it looks like there will be many more to come xx

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  1. Thanks for sharing...I've been hearing such great reflections from folks .....sounds like it is growing every year!.