Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Solar System Inspiration

The Solar System has been an ongoing discussion point and project creator amongst all if us since the beginning :)

Initially we had begun our model solar system by blowing up balloons and covering them with paper mâché. We were to discover that paper mâché for using in this way is quite a technique and even though some were painted all were too heavy for hanging in formation of a solar system without  some serious reinforcing.

So when one of the dad's came home with a polystyrene solar system we all jumped at the chance to paint and hang from a large round of cardboard that we painted black.

Model of Our Solar System

This wasn't the end of our project, with songs from youtube about our Solar System.

And then the other one about the planets, we must have listened to these two about 100 times :)

Of course the books are endless.....

The grand finale for us in this part of the world is the Star Dome in Auckland

Leigh went with her children while they were visiting Auckland. It was special to hear their excitement and awe of the amazing place we live. I look forward to going there next time we are up that way with the girls. There are day and night time viewing with certain programmes designed for kids.

Possibilities are endless, please comment if you have any great ideas we can follow up  :)

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