Monday, March 31, 2014

Inspired craft and Sensory Games

We randomly met today upon Leigh and I making contact via text to conclude if the children and ourselves feeling the need to gather and my place seemed to work.

Sycamore Seed Craft

The seeds from the Sycamore tree have been falling and when Leigh talked about the possibilities for creating, the children jumped at the chance :)

Trampoline Game With Sycamore Seeds

We had been playing a trampoline game that involved myself (Penny) holding my hands in a cup for Sunae and Grace to fill with seeds then I would jump as high as possible and throw them all at once. The girls would run around and catch as many as they could then collect them all up again to start over. All the other children enjoyed this game so that kept us  jumping for a bit.

Sensory Games

Then it was back inside to learn about Occupational Therapy work some of Leigh's children have been experiencing, to work on sensory challenges. Fascinating activities, of which all children absolutely loved and seemed to benefit. I really enjoyed learning about how this works on the body, and different systems, and what it looks like which Leigh demonstrated. Having hands on experience of seeing how this calmed the children was amazing.

At one point I stopped to watch Mr 2 filling boxes with "things" and changing items in boxes he had found. Made me think if we had one of fish eye cameras for an individual child for a day, how much inspiration would we witness!

What's in The Box?

Then the children decided blowing bubbles in the previous used buckets of water would be fun, so in with the dish soap and bubble blowing began which subsequently move into imaginary games involving barbies, other toys and swimming in buckets :)

Buckets and Bubbles

The craft hadn't ended there. We had a pile of old CD's kept for using for craft activities or anything else that struck our fancy (lamp shade was one idea :)) So out they came with the PVA glue, to further decorate using a pile of shells that were also kept for craft.

CD/Shell Mandala's

......and then some sand was introduced from the sand pit, nice touch :)

Any other ideas for creating with Sycamore Seeds most welcome, please comment below and we shall be giving it a go whilst the seeds are around!

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