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HIVE is another community resource we have in our community.

Following is from their website http://www.hivetaranaki.co.nz/

Liveable Communities ~ Sustainable Lifestyles...

Mana Whenua, Mana Tangata, Manaaki.

Our mission is to facilitate systemic change to achieve sustainable communities.

A school outdoor activity they planned was an opportunity for us to be involved as home based learners. Our group certainly looked different with so many Mums tagging along :)

HIVE Flyer For The Event

                                      Pukeiti Garden

Beautiful place to spend the morning, with spectacular Taranaki weather. There were many very well planned activities which I noticed suited some children and not others. The beginning there were many welcome speeches, for some our children to sit through these was quite long......for me they were quite long :)

Then off to the activities the first one for us was listening to a Maori legend about native birds then colouring in a paper feather, writing the words of known local birds, then handing it in for a "prize". This acknowledgment the feather was then stuck onto a cloak with all the other children's creations.

One of the Mum's from Taranaki Learners pointed out to an organiser that out children not only may not choose to write they also do things because they want to and never receive "prizes" simply for finishing a task. Initially this was met with some resistance, then soon after she came back and acknowledged this could possibly be a much better way to be in this world. Working from a place of internal motivation, from the heart rather than external motivation set by someone outside of ourselves and our own true desires :) This was lovely episode to witness.

Needless to say I noticed some very unique creations completed by the children.

Next activity was bird watching, wandering the gardens, checking out the tree houses which were prime bird watching locations and using binoculars for bird spotting.

After the lunch and a game, Grace had had her fill of many people and directions so we headed home. I heard the rest of the event went really well and at the end was a time to exchange gifts. The box we had created between all of our families was full of goodies such as seedlings, couple of nice plants for the garden, pesto, fresh garden carrots and a few other lovely things. Apparently the return gift was one plant to share amongst the whole group. By all accounts the children instead of being disappointed were grateful for what they had and  empathic of others who had less abundance to give :)

Certainly a magnificent spot to visit.

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