Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What is Inspiring Us?

We are four children and two adults on this day as Zoe is exploring school as a way of learning and Luke is exploring the option of Kindy. 

It seems Zoe (7) already, after only 2 weeks of visits, has her reservations of how learning looks at school, feeling the restrictions of time and inspiration, and relaying this to Mum. They are discussing options and how to meet Zoe's need for knowledge.

So with these four precious souls we thought we would explore the giraffe language, languaging from the heart. Inspired by Compassionate Communication (aka Non Violent Communication http://www.nvc.org.nz/?page_id=1247) one of the many things we discuss in our weekly SelfDesign Learning Circle meetings.

Of course the children had much to say about this idea, the giraffe has the largest heart of all animals hence this animal was chosen to demonstrate this type of language. Kalea loves the giraffe and enjoyed using the puppet to play.

                          Giraffe and language of the heart.

along with trains and sand made for some interesting tramp games......

Getting creative with the bag of toys brought along for a jump.

One of the many inspirations, today we actioned making lip balm from natural ingredients. Children were so absorbed in the play this ended up being an adult activity, though the kids loved to test it out and they all had their own container.

Lip Balm Making from Natural Ingredients.

They didn't want to miss the home made pizza making though!

During lunch and afterwards we were having talks on the next big projects and actions, stemming from our passions. Ideas discussed:
* Ancient Horses play scene
* Puppet Show box/cubby house
* Collecting pre loved toys for a stall (raising money to buy more ancient horses)
* Making more scrubs and lip balms from natural ingredients
* Story writing and finding a local mentor to inspire us
* Craft/Art experiences
* Local sports teams that are available
* Nature Tracks days coming up soon
* Art classes coming up during school holidays

I took some photos of our learning room that we use once a week, as we decide how it will change to fit whats going on for us now :)

Another day of being inspired by each other, enjoying being together and learning as a group xx

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