Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Knitting, crochet worms and Enchanted Learning

Hayley came to visit us today, she has been knitting herself some slippers and offered to show us.

Notice the concentration :)

Hayley has four grown children and is/was also a home learning Mum so on many levels this visit was helpful and insightful.

She patiently sat with the children and adults explaining how it to knit the slippers, the older girls ended up crocheting "worms" a long chain crochet using the hook, what a great start. This evolved into a wormy imaginative game that carried on long after Hayley had left.

Star tetrahedrons are something that has become an ongoing project, lately being made in a much smaller size.

Two younger children spent hours playing together their imaginary games we didn't see them until they were hungry as they played in the other end of the house.

Upon leaving Hayley offered Tamarilla picking at her house which we made a plan to do in a couple of days yay!

After a hearty lunch and a pack up time the older girls carried on working through making booklets printed from the "Enchanted. Learning" site completing the information about themselves and their loves.

Another wonderful day full of inspiration, allowing and flow......

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