Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Puke Ariki - Library and Museum

We are so lucky to have this amazing resource in New Plymouth. The displays are changed regularly and there are often interactive experiences for the children. After our run making paper planes it was comical to see the display was making paper planes with three techniques showing pictorial instructions on how to make these flying creations. As you can see this was very popular with everyone that passed through :)

 The library has a great selection of books, CD's, DVD's and all kinds of resources!

Mind Maps and Learning Plan

These are some of our individual mind maps created within the last 6 months. This activity is an ongoing one, as we feel like revisiting and revising what we would like to be achieving as individuals. The ideas are fluid some stay some go some come and go a bit. From these mind maps we create shared group learning which are things we would like to do together. As we become more familiar with this process I imagine it will become a twice yearly event to crate individual then group mind maps to turn into a learning plan.

 This is our group mind map which shows the areas of heart, mind, body and spirit. We write down in given areas things that come up for us and then bring them to our learning plan as questions, physical activities or discussions/ideas we would like to follow up.

The Learning Plan is mostly pictures so as children are inspired and reminded of the things that we are working towards together. This is again still in working progress so will be added to as we work on refining our learning topics and ideas.

Excitement at Fever Pitch!

Grace and Sunae making pancakes to share with our learning group today :)

We had circle time where we were able to share one or two things we would like to achieve today with the group. This led to embarking into some pictures for our min map and learning plan.

Looking up the answer to a question about forces and gravity on the ipad and smaller people playing with blocks, and hammers.

Inspired to make paper planes, this always instigates much conversation about aero dynamics as well as the origami aspect of paper planes :)

This led to watching a show called "Space Racers" which is all about space, solar system and universe!

Some imaginary play using the doll house and people.

This is where 'fever pitch' was reached! Zoe's enthusiasm for making parachute people was very infectious and we had lots of laughter, screaming and excitement with throwing their parachutes off the top of the stairs to watch them sail to the bottom. Again discussion around aero dynamics, weight of blue tac that was attached to bottom of wool. Stability of wool and how to create the balance.....

.....and getting the perfect shot of the parachutes floating down the stairwell! :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Creative Day

All enjoying home made frozen banana, frozen milk, cream and vanilla ICE CREAM!

When the sparkles came out all wanted to create :)

Mister Make App inspired cardboard frame for a pastel picture.


 Playdough is always a hit, lately we have been experimenting with colour and making our own colours, then Grace made little nests with birds and eggs inside each :)

 Then the children were playing as a whole group, Mummies and Daddies with the pram and scooters and bikes involved.

Such beautiful weather and fantastic energy around us today as we inspired and created together xx

Friday, June 6, 2014

Dairy Farm Visit

We are surrounded by Dairy Farms and some absolutely lovely farmers, two of which kindly showed us around their farm!

The pics speak for themselves :)

Some of the talk from the children afterwards was simply lovely, they had such a wonderful time experiencing a new born baby calf in its first moments, riding on the four wheeler, seeing how the cows are milked, learning about how the bobby calves are fed and looked after, and meeting the geese.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Poetry, Fractions, Ancient Horse Castle and More!

Discussing and experimenting with rhyming words whilst enjoying some Shel Silverstien.

The fraction puzzle which is frequently pulled out played with and ideas shared and discussed.

Art work inspired by a local Art teacher who visited. This is Zoe's piece and underneath an example of an accomplished artists work to gain ideas.

Playing the Thermomix game and mixing up some delicious food!

Zoe sharing some of her past experiences.

Mixing, mixing, mixing.......and truck.

Ancient horses castle, adding hearts and decoration.

And the rubber band loom found us too!