Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Excitement at Fever Pitch!

Grace and Sunae making pancakes to share with our learning group today :)

We had circle time where we were able to share one or two things we would like to achieve today with the group. This led to embarking into some pictures for our min map and learning plan.

Looking up the answer to a question about forces and gravity on the ipad and smaller people playing with blocks, and hammers.

Inspired to make paper planes, this always instigates much conversation about aero dynamics as well as the origami aspect of paper planes :)

This led to watching a show called "Space Racers" which is all about space, solar system and universe!

Some imaginary play using the doll house and people.

This is where 'fever pitch' was reached! Zoe's enthusiasm for making parachute people was very infectious and we had lots of laughter, screaming and excitement with throwing their parachutes off the top of the stairs to watch them sail to the bottom. Again discussion around aero dynamics, weight of blue tac that was attached to bottom of wool. Stability of wool and how to create the balance.....

.....and getting the perfect shot of the parachutes floating down the stairwell! :)

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