Friday, July 18, 2014

Art Club

During the school holidays there is a art programme run each day with two sessions where the children have the opportunity to learn skills and use materials to craft , draw, paint, glue, creating something from a chosen topic. We have joined in this class a few times with the girls not only enjoying the company of each other also the experience of having an art mentor and special space specifically to create.

I notice both Kalea and Zoe horse pictures were posted on the Facebook page!

Drawing Horses and Ponies came up as a session and Leigh and I knew this would be of high interest especially Kalea and Grace who seemed to be more focused on learning how to ride and be around horses.  The class was a huge success both Leigh and I spoke of Kalea and Grace coming home and showing us the technique they had learnt to draw a horse so we could also draw our own horse with ease.

Grace went on to make a booklet of instructions to draw the horse and then wanted me to use the book by following the instructions. She asked Jason too and he enjoyed taking part in this activity with her. She as ingested to learn by using the same technique of seeing an animal as a series of shapes we can draw other creatures, we gave this a go looking at a picture of a Pukeko.

 We are now looking at asking Angela to do classes specifically for our home learning group and give the children an opportunity to delve more into specific art and craft techniques!

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